Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Senator JL and the health reform

Many senators can only dream of being in a position similar to what has been Joe Lieberman's in the past months. This is quite a good indicator of the limits of the "checks and balances" system.While we know that it is reasonable to say that there is a risk in rolling out a big health care reform in the midst of the major economic and social crisis that we live in, and while we know that it takes political courage to do so, Mr. Lieberman has opted for a filibuster.

This is someone who can currently sway the health care debate any way he wants, and holds the fate of many cancer patients in his hand, some of which will die because of his media-friendly filibuster threat(s). Today, when asked whether he had hopes to run for as a presidential candidate in 2012, he confirmed that it is not out of the table. Well enjoy your attention-grabbing career move Mr. Lieberman while we know that it will cost some people their lives and the lives of their kids.

Life holds a lot of contradictions, but the greatest one I have ever witnessed is the contradiction of the United States of America. This is a christian country, our president swears on the Bible during the oath and mentions God, but yet, we have no problem with letting people die because we don't want to pay taxes. In God we Trust

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