Tuesday, January 19, 2010

R.I.P. (if you can) Tedd Kennedy

Tedd Kennedy's Senate seat went to a Republican today.

The truth about all this is that it's a political cycle. Last time a president enjoyed the majority for his full term at the house and the senate was in the eighties. It was actually in 1980 because it was Jimmy Carter whose mandate ended in 1980.
Political analysts try to make it all about that this Scott Brown victory is a defeat for Obama. It's truly not. Obama was having high expectations for this country and for the world. He is being forced to play this political game, to campaign for little senate seats instead of campaigning for peace around the world. By the time he sided with Martha Coakley for this Massachussets seat, they already knew that it was too late unfortunately. I just don't think that he ever realized that he was going to have to lower himself to that petty level of politics. And it is not what he excels at.

It just doesn't happen that way anymore where a president enjoys the majority of his party in the house for his full mandate, and it's been that way in the entire western world. It's now all about coalition which makes it hard to accomplish anything. A US president nowadays only passes 50% of his reforms in the senate during his mandate.

The saddest part about all this is that our taxpayers' money is being thrown away. An imperfect but decent health reform was about to pass and provide justice to 34 Million Americans, now it's going away and we have to start from scratch and pay senators and legislators all over to make it happen. With the partisanship that is currently ruling Washington, it may take months and it's a waste.

But it raises a real question: how can we make bipartisanship work anymore. Barack Obama's been trying to push for that kind of political consciousness.I encourage you to seek some inspiration in 1972: president Nixon at the time was campaigning for bipartisanship and good judgement over petty politics in his State of the Union:

This speech really resonates today. I wonder why...

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