Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the health reform bill and the legislative process

The health reform currently being debated is complicated. You have to follow every little detail to understand the stakes and even then you can easily get confused (which, I suspect, some senators are, especially if they decide to obstruct regardless of the content, and don't read the proposed reform surrendering to partisanship and re-election fever).

So many aspects of the health reform bill are intertwined and the legislative process format to vote a reform in Washington isn't appropriate for the complexity of the issue.

Last December, the version that passed had over 400 amendments proposed in the senate, many of which didn't get considered. You can argue that it is not democratic, but the problem is the urgency of the situation doesn't permit that we consider every single amendment at this time. We can always look at them later and call them 'revisions' on specific aspects, not amendments.

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